The Primary goal of the CAPE is to help families and individuals arriving in Indonesia for the first time to acclimatize, and even more so help them settle in properly and efficiently.

The CAPE items includes 

Language/Communication BiSOL (Bahasa Indonesia for Speakers of other Languages)

Culture/CulinaryOutings to experience first-hand the Indonesian people, food and culture

Shopping/Groceries Made EasyOutings to better appreciate the HOWs, Dos and DON’Ts

Dinning Made EasyIntroduction to restaurants, the grades and locations, security each offers and what to expect

Relating with House Helpers/Keepers and DriversPractical suggestions, best/worst case scenarios and indicators

Five reasons you get the CAPE program for:


Learn Bahasa Indonesia and better understand how to self progress on it


As spouse of working Expats don’t usually work, keep your loving spouse productive and away from boredom


Understand that the same product of same quality can be sold at varied rates – US$10 or US$50 depending on where you buy from and how you buy


Why and when you should smile and what it could mean and do or undo for you


Getting help! Nannies, Cooks, Housekeeper, Errand boys and Drivers – Dos & Don’ts, Safety and Security –

The CAPE program is very flexible and customizable to suit the exact needs of clients; It could be conducted at homes (for families), at the office (for colleagues) and at the CalmICE Center ( the best in that it offers opportunities for intercultural interactions)

Organizations / Individuals can get started today by completing the 'acclimatize' form or by calling CalmICE Center at 62 21 573 9392 and  62 817 666 5096. Email -