The Training Team at the CalmICE Center knows that one of the most pressing challenges facing companies today is having an effectively trained workforce.


To have the most efficient and productively active workforce is beyond training. It is rather achieved by becoming a high-performance learning organizations. A “HILO” organization, according to Oakland, California-based research firm Bersin & Associates, is the organization that excels at building organization-wide capabilities that drive business growth.


Topical Targeted Paths


We will work with your team to transform your organization into a “HILO”: choose one of these

high-impact learning programs for your organization today.


1.     Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills for Leaders and Followers in the Global Workplace.

2.     Accountability in the Workplace: How to Hold Employees Accountable for Their Performance.

3.     Unleashing the Power within you: Proven Time and Stress Management Techniques.

4.     The Other-Culture Consciousness: Utilizing Cultural Pluralism to your Business Advantage.

5.     Power Listening: Giving appropriate feedback and Dealing with Demanding Customers & Situations.

6.     Interpreting Work remunerations and Benefits the right way: Becoming Creative and enjoying Satisfaction with your work.

7.     Managing Negotiations, Change, Conflicts and Misbehavior: Strategies to encourage Citizenship Behavior.

8.     Being an Indonesian in the global Workplace: Strengths, Opportunities and Challenges.

9.     Diversity and sexual Harassment: Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

10.  HIV/AIDS in the workplace: What Employees and Management should know and Do

And many more: can be tailor-made to suit the exact and timely needs of your organization.

“Companies with high-impact learning functions outperform their competition by a wide margin, a recent study shows. The research, produced by Oakland, California-based research firm Bersin & Associates, says companies with a sophisticated approach to employee development averaged three times higher revenue growth from 2008 to 2011.”

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