Management & Leadership

Certified Manager (CM) Certification

The Certified Manager (CM) is a general Management Certification from ICPM of James Madison UniversityUSA .It is appropriate for supervisors, Managers and Leaders at all levels and applicable in any Industry, and benefits Certificate recipients and their organizations.

FoM - Foundations of Management

The Foundations of Management (FoM) Program is a professional training program that: develops and enhances general management skills, and prepares individuals to take up supervisory and managerial roles in their current or prospective organizations.

CHIP - CalmICE High Impact Program for the Pluralistic Workplace

To have the most efficient and productively active workforce is beyond training. It is rather achieved by becoming a high-performance learning organization. A "HILO" organization, according to Oakland, California-based research firm Bersin & Associates, is the organization that excels in building organization-wide capabilities that drive business growth.

CAPE - CalmICE Acclimatization Program for Expatriates

The Primary goal of the CAPE is to help families and individuals arriving in Indonesia for the first time to acclimatize, and even more so help them settle in properly and efficiently.