The CUBE is a general introduction to the use of the English Language appropriate for effective business communications to get the desired business outcomes at various levels of work and career. It is applicable in any Industry, and benefits participants and their organizations.

Indonesian L
anguage for Speakers of Other Languages

Doing business or Living in Indonesia, is exciting and will be more successful when and if you can understand the Indonesian Language, Culture and the Indonesian people. 

BiSOL Translate

Do you need a document translated from either English to Indonesian or Indonesian to English?

We are able to translate most documents within 2 - 7 days of receiving them, depending on the number of pages.

BiSOL Translate

ELPAC/ACE - CalmICE Aviation English

The ACE® prepares and equips people to take up roles in the aeronautical industry. It is suitable for Pilots, Cabin crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Student- Pilots etc. You get trained and tested using ICAO standards.


The TOEIC® test measures the everyday English skills of people working in a business environment. The TOEIC test offers a broad array of guides, manuals and handbooks to meet the needs of learners, administrators and researchers.

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