The Certified Manager

THE CERTIFIED MANAGER PROGRAM is a general Management Certification professional training program sponsored by the Institute of Certified of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) of James Madison University in the U.S. The CM program develops and enhances general management skills and prepares individuals in or aiming at managerial duties to take the CM management certification exams. Those who successfully complete the exams achieve the CM certification,

a prestigious credential that recognizes competency and professionalism of managers worldwide in all fields and industries.

It is appropriate for supervisors, Managers and Leaders at all levels.

The Certified Supervisor

A management certification program designed for mid-level and experienced managers to validate competency.

Begin your management career with affordable, independent learning

Are you currently supervising others or aspiring to be a supervisor? If so, the CS is designed for you. The real-world knowledge and skills you will learn through the CS can be used immediately to help you become a more efficient, effective supervisor.


To have the most efficient and productively active workforce is beyond training. It is rather achieved by becoming a high-performance learning organization. A "HILO" organization, according to Oakland, California-based research firm Bersin & Associates, is the organization that excels in building organization-wide capabilities that drive business growth.